The Next Level of Supply Chain Savings is Clinical Supply Utilization Management

The next level of hospital value analysis is here in the form of Clinical Supply Utilization Reporting for your clinical departments. Go beyond simple budget reporting to give them a tool that can not only help them reduce their departmental costs but improve quality and improve their time with the patients Learn More Here

Is It Time to Look at Savings Beyond Price Clinical Analytic Systems for Big Savings

We are working very hard in the healthcare supply chain to further drive standardization and greater pricing for our hospitals. We have better resources and people that are making a big impact, but we must always be continuously be looking to where the next big savings is going to reside. Where is the Savings Hiding?

Not Only Find the Next Level of Savings but Uncover Hidden Quality Issues with Your Supplies

There is more to the value game than just price savings and supply chain is now being tasked with not only saving money but assisting in driving the highest level of value. To be able to answer this new challenge, supply chain leaders need new and better tools to assist them in driving out all costs and quality issues inside your supply chain. Learn How to Improve Overall Value