Clinical Supply Utilization

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Give Your Nurses the Time They Desperately Want While Decreasing Your Clinical Unit’s Supply Costs By 11% to 23%

 This isn’t a pipe dream, but a reality!

Healthcare Clinical Supply Utilization

It isn’t every day that we can offer a service that we can guarantee will lower your nursing labor costs while decreasing your unit’s supply costs by 11% to 12%. After working with hospitals just like yours over the last 27 years we have developed a system that will do just that.

Clinical Supply Utilization

Reduce Your Nurses’ Time and Frustrations

Our studies show that your nurses are spending an inordinate amount of time on unnecessary and unneeded rework, set ups, and minutiae created by either outdated hospital protocols, non-conformance to requirements, or breakdown of systems. For instance, it’s not uncommon to see nursing staff change I.V. sets three or more times during a patient stay because their hospital didn’t realize that no time and date labels were available to be placed on I.V. sets, thereby causing nurses to change I.V. sets many times over a patient stay because they had no guide as to when the last I.V. set change was made.  

Because this is occurring at too many hospitals, nurses are spending hundreds of unnecessary hours replacing I.V. sets that didn’t need to be changed. This has cost hospitals thousands of dollars in a year's time in needless labor costs and thousands of dollars in unneeded I.V. sets. 

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Multiply this occurrence by hundreds of other product issues and you can see why nurses are tired, frustrated, and hassled on a day-to-day basis. We aim to solve this challenge with our Clinical Supply Utilization System that will pinpoint where these problems exist and then assist your nursing staff in eliminating them. For example, we uncovered that one hospital's nurses had to repeatedly replace pulse oxisensors on their patients because they were not staying in place, thereby causing inaccurate readings. To solve this problem, their nursing staff had to procure and then setup a new oxisensor for their patients. In fact, our studies have found that it could take as much as 15% to 25% of nurses’ time, per shift, to solve this problem. Why, since so frustrating to your nurses, wouldn’t you want to identify and solve these time wasters as quickly as possible? We can help you do so without causing any new work for your nursing staff.

Your Clinical Staff Doesn‘t Know How Much Products Cost, But When They Do They Will Help You Reduce Costs

Nurse Supply Utilization

Even though your clinical staff has budget controls, they typically don’t know what everything they are buying or using on a day-to-day basis costs or how much they are consuming. Once they do, our studies have shown, they will help to reduce these costs. It is just common sense that no one wants to spend more than necessary, but this can’t happen unless your staff knows the costs of the products they are using. One hospital nursing staff we worked with noticed on their Clinical Supply Utilization Management Reports that they were using $0.39 oral care applicators when a $0.16 applicator was also available for them to use. The changeover of these products saved this NICU 58% annually – on a simple everyday oral applicator. These same savings can be yours once your clinical staff sees the cost of what they are using. We guarantee it!

$3.8 Million for 350-Bed Hospital

Recently, a 350-bed hospital reported clinical departmental savings of over $3.8 million. Why so much savings? Because they had never taken the utilization reporting to the department level and thus the savings were low-hanging fruit when it was brought to the clinical department leaders’ attention. Clinical Department Utilization Manager software made it easy to pinpoint the exact category in the exact nursing unit and the exact product(s) that were causing the overspend. Prior to this, they did not have any idea where to look or how to prove the savings to the clinical department leaders.

  • No More Guessing Where Utilization Savings Are Hiding in Your Clinical Departments
  • Go Beyond Supply Budgets to the Actual Utilization for Each Department by Major Supply Category
  • No More Pushback from Nursing or Clinical Departments on Savings
  • Drill Down to the Exact Product that is Causing Your Utilization Cost Overrun

Create a Healthy Competition Between Your Clinical Units to Get Better Than Just Good

It’s been our clients' experience that once our Clinical Supply Utilization System is installed at their hospital their nursing floors and departments compete to become better at controlling their supply chain costs. It is human nature do so! Without any coaxing from your central office you will see your unit’s supply costs be reduced by 11% to 23% almost overnight.


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